There have been tons of reports lately concerning Pokémon card theft, as select releases are known to bring in some serious cash in second-hand sales. Unfortunately, it looks like the trend isn’t letting up anytime soon, as yet another arrest has been made concerning Pokémon cards.

The Oxford Police in Alabama received a tip of a possible shoplifter in Walmart. The police were surprised to discover that the shoplifter was Josh Dale Hardy, a Calhoun County Correctional Officer at the County Jail. Hardy had apparently stolen $200 of Pokémon cards, and he was still wearing his officer uniform during the theft.

When Hardy was alerted to police heading to Walmart, he took off on foot. Police eventually managed to track him down and bring him in to the Oxford City Jail. Hardy has since been terminated from his employment with the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office.

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10M ago

Imagine destroying your career over Pokemon cards... cards he probably could have afforded to simply pay for.