Overwatch 2 recently got a big injection of new content for players to enjoy, including a series of PvE story missions. These missions are available across all versions of the game, Switch included. Thanks to a new interview with the dev team, we now know getting those missions to work on Switch was no easy task.

The gang at Dexerto got to talk to the team behind Overwatch 2, including Senior Game Designer Dylan Snyder. In part of the interview, Synder opens up about the unique challenges the team faces to get things working on Switch, including PvE. With the Switch being the lowest-powered system the game is on, it’s not surprising to know there are some considerable bottlenecks.

“It’s been a pretty big headache. We had to develop new tools and systems to do a lot of memory clean up. For PVP maps, things are on all the time because players are around the whole time. But [for PVE] we had to do a lot of different tricks.

Basically, what I’ve been doing recently for the missions is making sure I’m closing off sections, unloading parts of the map, things like that that we don’t traditionally have to worry about for PVP.”

[Senior Game Designer Dylan Snyder]

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10M ago

boo hoo, come back when you actually give people what you promised Blizzard


10M ago

Yeah, and now they are blaming the Switch, go figure.