Bonus Stage Publishing has revealed that their gardening simulator game, Garden In! will launch on August 28th, 2023 for the Nintendo Switch.

While summer is giving us still its full sunshine and life to all the plants, Garden In! will help us transition smoothly into autumn with its evergreen gardening experience. Here your plants shall not wither and you can get rid of the rain by simply changing the environment. A dream for all of us not-so-green thumbs!

You start the game with just one room and a few planters and seeds, and a handful of items to decorate with. But as you grow your plants, accomplish challenges, and even combine different seeds into totally new plants, you unlock a plenty of new items, seeds, pots, and rooms to mention a few.

The game has basically no end in sight, you can decorate your rooms and keep on trying out new plants infinitely. It’s a perfect way to spend a minute or an hour. And the best thing is that the plants keep on growing while you’re away! There’s always something new and exciting to discover when you open the game


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