Monster-tamer game 'Creature Keeper' announced for Switch

Is that a monster in your pocket?

16 August 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Creature Keeper, the retro-inspired RPG from the one-person development team at Fervir Games, is, fittingly, on its way to Switch. You’ll befriend a variety of creatures as you “embark on an epic adventure to restore balance to Thera and stop a sickness from affecting the healthy creatures of the world.” Cooking, crafting, and even fashion design (yes, you can make outfits for your creatures) are all part of this pixel-art role-playing adventure.

Take up the ancient role of a Creature Keeper. A strange sickness is affecting otherwise healthy creatures and you must uncover its mysteries to restore balance to a world divided. Assemble your dream team by befriending a bevy of creatures to fight alongside you.

Learn recipes while adventuring and cook up tasty meals to help your creatures grow in their own special way.

More knowledge = more power! Raise your party and fight corrupted creatures to unlock creature notes, skills, recipes, and more in the Bestiary.

Customize your play style by crafting a variety of weapons and trinkets with unique effects.

Grow ingredients, power ups, equipment, and more with your Pocket Garden, a magical portable farm.

Craft fashion items such as hats, masks, and accessories for your creatures to wear!

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