Sabotage Studio has spent the last 3+ years working on Sea of Stars, their love letter to the 16-bit era of RPGs. While the company is completely focused on launching that title right now, they haven’t forgotten where they came from either.

Sabotage Studio made their debut with The Messenger, a 2D platformer that morphs into a Metroidvania halfway through the adventure. That game really helped Sabotage make their mark, and it became a commercial and critical success. While the team has since moved away from The Messenger to craft Sea of Stars, it seems like they may return to The Messenger down the road.

In an interview with Game Informer, Sabotage Studio’s Thierry Boulanger couldn’t help but tease a potential return to the world of The Messenger. According to Boulanger, “there’s more to be told about [The Messenger] – that specific arc. Maybe one day.” Outside of that tantalizing tease, no other hints at a sequel were shared.

On top of that, Boulanger does reiterate a connection point between Sea of Stars and The Messenger. As mentioned in the past, the two games share at least some sort of connection, as one of the islands you visit in Sea of Stars comes straight from The Messenger. Just how deep the connection lies and what secrets await will be left for players to discover once Sea of Stars launches on Aug. 29th, 2023.

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