I don’t know where or how wrestling and videogames became linked, but it’s been something on display in crowd signage for over 3 decades now. I guess there’s something in gamer DNA that makes them more susceptible to enjoying pro wrestling, or perhaps it’s the other way around. Either way, wrestling fans are always more than happy to show the world of gaming a lot of love during TV broadcasts.

The latest example of gaming getting some representation on a pro wrestling program comes from the more recent episode of AEW Dynamite. After coming back from a commercial break, pro wrestling manager Don Callis was standing in the ring for a promo. While Callis was certainly offering up an entertainment diatribe, it was the background action that caught my attention even more.

As you can see above, someone in the crowd was showing their distaste for Callis by holding up a sign that lambasted them. Front-and-center on that sign is Luigi, alongside a message telling the person in the ring to ‘Take the L.’ While I love Don Callis as far as a performer, I have to agree with Luigi on this one. Character-wise, Callis definitely needs to take the L!

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