It’s time to go for a swim! No More Robots (Descenders, Hypnospace Outlaw) and Springloaded (Let’s Build a Zoo) have officially that Let’s Build a Zoo’s latest DLC, Aquarium Odyssey, is launching on Switch today.

Venture on an AQUARIUM ODYSSEY and discover a world of seafaring beasts and give your guests the ultimate aquatic experience! We don’t wanna pier pressure you, but this isn’t one you want to miss…

You’ll have plenty of new adventures on this unexplored island, full of new quests, creatures, features and more! But the question is, what moral route are you gonna take this time? Is it going to be big enclosures for the whales, or is fish and chips going to be on the menu? We’ll have to wait and sea, you can never be shore…

Aquarium Odyssey features a whole NEW campaign! Bring in aquatic creatures to your zoo, entertain your guests, and choose your moral route!

With over 50 NEW animals, give your sea creatures a comfortable home (or not) and dive into the world of marine life. From Dolphins to Manta Rays, you can splice your animals together with over 10 million different variants! The possibilities are endless…

With 7 new enclosure types, your creatures will never be short of the perfect environment! From colourful reefs to dense aquatic landscapes, your guests can get up close and personal

Make your zoo look even more colourful with over 110 new shops, decorations, and more! The Squid Ink Pasta and Shark Bite bars are always open for business!

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