Vampire Survivors, which first released for other platforms in late 2022, is finally making its way over to Nintendo Switch. It will be released digitally via the eShop today for $4,99/€4,99/£3,99 alongside both DLC packs (Legacy of the Moonspell and Tides of the Foscari). The Switch version arrives with all the latest updates, including the newly announced local couch-co op for up to 4-players.

Mow down thousands of night creatures and survive until dawn! Vampire Survivors is a gothic horror casual game with rogue-lite elements, where your choices can allow you to quickly snowball against the hundreds of monsters thrown at you.

The genre-defining “be the bullet hell” action game is a multi-million seller, was the highest-rated Steam game of 2022 (over 180,000 reviews, 98% overwhelmingly positive), is one the most played games on Steam Deck, won 2 Baftas (including “Best Game”) and was featured on the New Yorker’s “Best Video Games 2022” list. Vampire Survivors is currently available on PC, Mac, Xbox, Android and iOS and does not feature any vampires.

About the DLCs (for $1,99/€1,99/£1,59 each)

Legacy of the Moonspell

The DLC centres around a clan of monster hunters from a fantasy world inspired by feudal Japan. It adds 8 new characters, 13 new weapons, a huge new stage (25 times bigger than previous stages), six music tracks and even more achievements.

Tides of the Foscari

Set inside a magical academy inside a cursed lake inside a vast primordial forest inside a video game that was supposed to be about vampires, the DLC is a “fantasy about fantasy”. It adds 8 characters, 13 weapons, 7 music tracks, 21 achievements, a massive new stage, and some seriously jazzy attack animations for only 2 Survivors: Keitha and Maruto (a first time innovation in the Vampire Survivors universe, this is limited to these 2 Survivors only!)

About the co-op update:

The couch co-op mode will let you play the whole Vampire Survivors saga with up to 4 players in local couch co-op on Nintendo Switch. Be the bullet hell with your besties!

In co-op mode, you can either continue your current game or start a new adventure with friends to face the hordes of the undead. Players can seamlessly switch between single and co-op play between stages and unleash chaos. Like every good co-op game, Vampire Survivors will also offer opportunities to test your friendship and stretch the definition of the word “co-op”.

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