A Mewtwo that can Mega Evolve into Mega Mewtwo X debuted on Aeos Island as a Melee All-Rounder for Pokémon UNITE’s 2nd Anniversary. Now, players can see another side of the Genetic Pokémon by obtaining a Mewtwo Unite license that allows them to unleash the awesome power of Mega Mewtwo Y! Whereas Mega Mewtwo X specializes in melee basic attacks and bolstering its defenses, Mega Mewtwo Y specializes in ranged basic attacks and raising its damage. They’re the same Pokémon but unlock completely different playstyles through unique differences in their basic attacks, moves, and Mega Evolutions.

Both Mewtwo are available as separate Unite licenses, but only one Mewtwo can be picked by each team. You can obtain Unite License Y: Mewtwo by taking part in the Mewtwo’s Crystal Cave Challenge event—where you obtain daily dice and complete missions to advance on a game board. Mewtwo’s Unite license can be obtained without using Aeos coins or Aeos gems, but you have the option to advance progress on the board more quickly by using Aeos gems.

Read on to learn more about everything this Mewtwo has to offer and to pick up some tips before you take aim and Psystrike the competition.

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