The legendary Happy Tree Friends are making a comeback with a new episode, and they’re diving headfirst into gaming in The Crackpet Show: Happy Tree Friends Edition, heading to Switch Sept. 27th, 2023.

Remember those rebellious days when parents forbade us from watching this cute cartoon, and we had to sneak around? Well, guess what?

On September 27th, fans worldwide will rejoice as the twisted humor and chaotic antics of Happy Tree Friends return in a brand new episode on Mondo Media channels. Simultaneously, the gaming world is set to ignite with the launch of The Crackpet Show: Happy Tree Friends Edition which includes:

  • 9 playable Happy Tree Friends characters each with unique death animations inspired by the most memorable scenes from the show
  • Lumpy as a host of the show
  • Enhanced sounds and music from the beloved cartoon
  • Updated visuals and effects
  • And much more!

Dive into the bizarre show with tons of guns and perks solo or with your friends via couch co-op.

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