The team behind Kirstala had plans to bring the game to Switch, but only if a Kickstarter goal was hit. That stretch goal was set at $65k, even though base funding was only $10k. Thankfully, it seems fans were more than eager to get this one to Switch, as the Kickstarter has now ended at $110k. That makes the Switch version a lock for future release.

Kristala is a Dark Fantasy Action RPG with cats where you prowl a dark fantasy world with magic, stealth, and parkour. Take on the role of a pledging feline warrior who must master the magic of the ancient sacred Kristals.

In Kristala, you’ll be able to choose your own style of combat & customize your play style in various ways as you go. Three unique weapon sets will be available to offer a unique gameplay experience.

Feline traversal skills will allow you to explore the environment in multiple ways. Progress the storyline to unlock new skills, many of which open new pathways to traverse in previously explored areas.

As a catlike creature, you’ll be able to unlock & execute unique catlike abilities that will allow you to enhance Kristala’s gameplay. New feline skills are unlocked & leveled via an innovative feline skill tree.

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