While Reggie was Nintendo of America’s President for much of his tenure, he was also the front-facing personality for the company. Nintendo fans far and wide knew the big man, and he was instantly recognizable to most gamers in general.

While Microsoft’s Xbox brand never had someone with quite the same star power or recognizability as Reggie, they certainly had someone in the same orbit. Larry Hryb, affectionality known by has GamerTag ‘Major Nelson,’ was working with Microsoft on the Xbox side of things since 2003. Then, just last month, Major Nelson mentioned that he was leaving Microsoft to “take a step back and work on the next chapter” of his career.

Fast-forward to August 2023, and Major Nelson took to X to share the post you see above. While the post includes the hashtag #JustVisiting, there’s no doubt Hryb knows what he’s doing with a post like this. First off, it’s certainly interesting to see Hryb stopping by Nintendo of America’s HQ for a visit. Now what that visit is for, your guess is as good as ours. Second, Hryb knows that posting this picture is going to cause a firestorm in the gaming side of social media.

Is Hryb just feeding the social media machine for a bit of self promotion, or this a sly tease of what could come in his future? Nintendo losing Reggie hurt fans in a big way, as we haven’t really had anyone step into that role since. There’s no doubt Hryb could take on that position, even if he’d have to fill some very big shoes. Whether that happens, or if Hryb actually ends up working with Nintendo in any official capacity remains to be seen.

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10M ago

... and they spelled his name wrong. Womp womp womp.


10M ago

He's definitely teasing his followers. Maybe not about his next career move but teasing nonetheless.

I think Hryb could do a lot of good for Nintendo if he does join up. Hopefully the next Nintendo console has some more online social features that would help him engage with the Nintendo community.


10M ago

I legit have never heard of this guy until right now, but if he's that influential...neat! Hope something substantial comes of his visit.