Dave the Diver has released on PC to widespread critical acclaim, with many outlets earmarking the title for a Game of the Year nod when 2023 closes. Switch owners will have a chance to see what all the fuss is about later this year, but today brings us information on one of the game’s many inspirations, as well as insight into future content.

In an interview with DualShockers, director Jaeho Hwang spoke about a number of things that not only led to the creation of Dave the Diver, but directly inspired it. In particular, the Blue Hole location in the game was birthed thanks to the incredibly popular manga/anime, One Piece.

“The blue hole in Dave The Diver is inspired by the ‘All Blue’ in the manga ‘One Piece’, which is a legendary sea location where all the fish from the world gather in one place. This setting enabled us to put fish from different habitats together.”

[Jaeho Hwang]

While Dave the Diver is already jam-packed with content, Hwang has also detailed plans for what will be added in future updates. These updates are being directly influenced by what is resonating with players most.

“Our initial update plan is to add more content to the later part of the game. We are getting feedback that players want more side missions even in the late game, so we will add some more to keep the same vibe going.

We are aware that players want to see nocturnal fish that only come out at night, so we will add more new fish for night diving as well. We do have plans for DLC with a larger volume of content, but we are currently focusing on making the current version more complete.”

[Jaeho Hwang]

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