The id software classic Quake II is masterfully updated for the modern era thanks to the brilliant Nightdive Studios - with an assist from Machine Games, who’ve brought a brand new mission to the game.

In this Digital Foundry feature, John Linneman revisits the history of Quake 2, compares every version of the new release and stacks up the various enhancements. Available to buy at a very low price, this is a simply phenomenal new version of a truly legendary game

On the Switch in particular, Quake II Remastered supports 1080p at 60fps. That aid, the game drops to 720p often in docked mode, and sometimes goes as low as 540p. As far as framerate, things are largely steady, but their are some frame drops during the Machine Games campaign, which is due to its massive increase in enemy density and level complexity. Last but not least, the Switch version doesn’t use motion blur, which is an option available on other platforms.

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