Earlier this month, game journalist Laura Kate Dale shared a reveal of Vampire Survivors: Directer’s Cut, which she had the chance to check out at a recent hands-on event. This version of the game is wildly different from the version that currently exists, and the name comes from a hidden final boss in the game.

Vampire Survivors: Directer’s Cut features new characters, stages, weapons, accessories and evolutions. Some of the new characters include a multi-limbed angel, a rose woman, an imp, Santa, werewolf, spaceman, big skull, constellation frog angel, and winged egg.

The most frustrating thing about the Directer’s Cut version was that it apparently wouldn’t see release. While a demo of the content was on display, reps at the hands-on event said the content wouldn’t be released to the public. Today we learn that was all just a cover, and the content will indeed make its way to the game.

Vampire Survivors dev poncle has confirmed that he’s been hiding upcoming content for the game in plain sight, letting various attendees at gaming shows go hands-on with the updated builds. No one seemed to notice until the Directer’s Cut story blew up earlier this month, and now poncle has confirmed that fans will get to enjoy that content. Best of all, all the content in the Directer’s Cut demo will be released via free updates.

We don’t have an exact release date for these updates just yet, but you can see a brand-new look at everything in the works via the video above.

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10M ago

Very cool. I heard a lot of praise about the game from people I follow in gaming journalism last year. I don't play on PC much but was interested in eventually looking into it.

And then it was announced for Switch so I jumped in on release day. $5 and some change later and I'm absolutely hooked.

All it needs is a random option for the stage music selection! :)


10M ago


Glad you are enjoying it! It gets so hectic later on and is a ton of fun. Haven’t had a chance to try the co-op mode yet.