Nintendo is kicking off this week with an absolutely shocker, as they’ve announced that Charles Martinet will no longer be voicing Mario or the litany of other Nintendo characters he’s been giving life to for decades now.


Nintendo took to X to share the above message, which confirms that Martinet is stepping down from his current position. The message notes that while Martinet won’t be voicing Mario anymore, he will be staying a part of Nintendo in a new role; Mario Ambassador. Apparently, this position will have him traveling the world to spread the word on Mario.

There has been speculation ever since the reveal trailer of Super Mario Bros. Wonder that someone else was voicing Mario, and while not confirmed, this news certainly lends credence to that speculation. We should get more details on that topic soon, as Nintendo will be releasing a video with Shigeru Miyamoto and Charles Martinet that will go into more detail on Charles’ move away from Mario.

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10M ago

Wow... I guess this day had to come eventually, but I'm not happy that it did. But it seems like Martinet is leaving the role on good terms with Nintendo, which is what we'd hope for. It isn't impossible to replace him, but it probably means we fans will have to get used to new voices for four major Nintendo characters, not just Mario.

I met Charles Martinet at E3 one year and he's a really nice guy. You could tell that he loved his job. I hope in his new role he's still able to have all that joy and talent he's so well-known for.


10M ago

Enjoy you're not official retirement, Charles Martinet, you've more than earned it. I'll miss his voices, but it had to happen sometime, and he's basically going out on top. He left his mark on the world and I don't think he'll ever be forgotten.


10M ago

End of an epic era. Peace and love Charles!



10M ago


Not only that, but when I met him, I could totally tell how grateful he was, both for the fans, and the work he got to do.


10M ago

Goodbye, sir. And thank you for everything.


10M ago

Thank you for making Mario, Luigi, Waluigi, Toad and Wario the way they are now Charlie.

I look forward to your new role as Mario ambassador.


10M ago

Noooooooooooooooooo! orz