Metal Gear Solid: Master Collection Vol. 1 packs in some of Snake’s earliest adventures into one package, giving fans a chance to relive the covert agent’s greatest adventures, or take them on for the very first time. While all of these games remain faithful to the original releases, there has been a slight warning added for newcomers.

It’s been revealed that Metal Gear Solid: Master Collection Vol. 1 will open up with a content warning in order to stay in-step with modern sensibilities. That content warning reads as follows:

“This game contains expressions and themes which may be considered outdated. However, these elements have been included without alteration to preserve the historical context in which the game was made and the creator’s original vision. Player discretion is advised.”

[MGS Master Collection Vol. 1 content warning]

The warning makes no mention of the content in particular that it’s referencing, so fans will be left to guess what might be considered inappropriate or off-color in today’s day and age. A similar message was seen with Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection, where a content warning was included, but the content itself remained untouched.

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9M ago

Smoking cigarettes? Dirty Magazines to distract guards?


9M ago


I mean there is a scene Snake sneaks into the toilets to watch Meryl undress. Big Boss ogles Eva in mgs3 as well.

Let's just say Snake creeps in more ways than one.


9M ago


Oh, surely something like that. I've never played these games, only 4 & 5. I plan on playing these someday soon.


9M ago

This is a much better way to do it, than to remove things from the game. First of all, if you remove stuff that is inappropriate, in a way you say that what is left is fine. Which would be weird in a game like MGS where you, for one thing, kill people left and right. Secondly, people playing this for the first time would get the wrong idea about what kind of society and culture we had just a couple decades ago.