The Arcade Archives lineup is an absolute godsend for anyone who’s into classic arcade games. Hamster has been delivering these arcade games to modern platforms for 6+ years now, and they have no plans of stopping. Actually, it seems they’re not even halfway to their ultimate goal!

Time Extension has a chance to chat with Satoshi Hamada, President of Hamster Corporation, about the Arcade Archives lineup. It’s an interesting feature that gives insight into how titles are chosen, the work that goes into releasing them on Switch and other platforms, and much more. Hamster has gone through this process 370 times so far, and they have many more titles they’d like to revisit.

According to Hamada, Hamster has a total of 800 arcade games they’d like to bring to modern platforms, so there’s clearly no signs of stopping just yet. Whether Hamster reaches that total remains to be seen, but it’s going to take them at least another 7 years to make it happen!

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9M ago

As admirable as it is to rescue classic arcade titles, is Hamster going to have to start over in case the next generation has no backwards compatibility? If Hamster really wants everything out on a platform, they'd have to support Steam otherwise Hamster would have to start over on a new console release if that console has no backwards compatibility.


9M ago

My poor wallet (and SD card). I actually own them all, as stupid as it sounds.