The Pikmin franchise has been around for decades, yet it hasn’t really broken out into greater gaming culture. Nintendo clearly wanted to change that with Pikmin 4, and it appears they’ve had some considerable success.

While we don’t have the exact numbers to share, we do know that Pikmin 4 has been a big mover in Europe when compared to the previous installment. As far as physical sales go, Pikmin 4 managed to outpace Pikmin 3: Deluxe by a whopping 81% in its first two weeks of sale. That shows some very considerable growth for the franchise between releases.

Hopefully we’ll get some hard stats on sales figures soon, but it’s most likely we won’t know the worldwide tally until Nintendo shares their next quarterly report. The only part of the world where we have solid physical sales data is Japan, where the game was sitting over 600k units sold as of last week.

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