Nintendo released a bombshell of an announcement earlier today, revealing that Charles Martinet would be stepping down as the voice of Mario, along with all the other Mario characters he performs. While the biggest question on everyone’s mind is why, the follow-up question is no doubt who will be stepping into his shoes?

While Nintendo has already said that the new voice of Mario will be revealed in Super Mario Bros. Wonder’s credits, the internet is ablaze with speculation on who is taking on the iconic role. That speculation has led to a firestorm of people trying to cash in on the discussion, and the topic is already running rampant on betting sites.

Bovada, an online betting site, is already taking bets for who people think will be revealed as the voice of Mario. While we honestly have no idea who’s taking the reigns, Bovada has quite a ludicrous list of choices to pick from:

  • Dan Castellaneta +3000
  • Chris Pratt +4000
  • Nancy Cartwright +4000
  • Pete Davidson +5000
  • Hank Azaria +6000
  • Nicolas Cage +6000
  • Al Pacino +8000
  • Trey Parker +8000
  • Seth MacFarlane +10000

I think we all know it’s safe to say that none of these actors will be portraying Mario in games going forward, but Pratt is certainly a safe bet for future cinematic installments. Do you have any guesses as to who will be taking on the role of Mario going forward?


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