Warframe has been delivering all kinds of amazing action since 2013. Throughout those 10+ years, players have piloted spaceships, hit the ground running in hand-to-hand combat, gotten caught up in intense gunplay, grinded their way across various planets and so much more. Without a doubt, Warframe has a little something for everyone!

Every bit of the Switch’s horsepower is used to realize Warframe, but what if the game was brought to an even more humble platform? While a true demake would be one hell of an undertaking, the gang at 64 Bits has used their artistic skills to imagine what Warframe might be like if it were around during the 16-bit era.

The video above shows off Warframe if it came about during the SNES days. Just to be clear, this is not an actual, functioning demake of Warframe. It’s mere an art piece meant to replicate the look, sound and style of Super Nintendo games from days gone by. Without a doubt, this version of Warframe looks like something that would have fit right in with other SNES greats back in the day.

Hopefully someone sees this an is inspired to give an actual demake a try!

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