Last week, Nintendo opened the floodgates on what’s next for Splatoon 3. Kids and squids everywhere can look forward to ‘Drizzle Season 2023’ kicking off September 1st, 2023, but today brings us a few more tidbits on just what this update has to offer.

Drizzle Season 2023 will bring another Main Weapon called the Heavy Edit Splatling. It’s a new type of Heavy Splatling equipped with a unique cartridge ejection system and a new spinner that can shoot ink at a faster rate while maintaining high firepower when fully charged. With its rapid fire, you can defeat multiple opponents at once! This weapon is powerful enough to allow you to defeat an opponent at full health with just 4 shots (if fired from the right distance). That said, its reach leaves something to be desired, and it takes a while to fully charge.

Along with that, Drizzle Season 3 is getting its own Catalog, filled to the brim with new Gear, emotes, and various other goodies. Also, contents from last year’s Catalog are included in this one, giving you the perfect chance to snag something you missed out on last time around.


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