Check out Red Dead Redemption running at 60fps on a modded Switch

Nintendo's won't like people cow-poking around like this

21 August 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Red Dead Redemption on Switch may not be a full-on remake of the 2010 original, or even a remaster of that version, but it does look quite nice and play extremely well on the platform. That said, the game also hasn’t been updated to 60fps on Switch, which has caused some potential customers to hold off.

While it’s likely Red Dead Redemption on Switch will never officially see a 60fps update, modders have gone in to do the work anyway. The video above shows off what Red Dead Redemption is like on a modded Switch, which allows the game to hit 60fps with hardly any issues.

Of course, modding your Switch in any way, shape or form can not only cause irreparable damage to your Switch, but it also voids the warranty. Seems like a risky trade-off to play a 13-year-old game at 60fps, but to each their own.

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