Omega Strikers is a lightning-fast 3v3 footbrawler where you sling slimes, toss tofu, and rocket boost to victory as one of 15+ stylish Strikers. Season 1 of Omega Strikers has been a ton of fun, but Season 2 is already on the way, and it’s bringing with it a rather unique promotion.

Revealed via a new trailer, we now know that a visual novel experience is in the works for Omega Strikers. Apparently, this visual novel experience will be released as part of Season 2 for the game, although we’re not quite sure how that will be handled.

We won’t have to wait long to see how this visual novel works, as the above trailer confirms a release for August 24th, 2023. Once we have full details on this unique promotion, we’ll make sure to share them with you.

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