Music label Curaga Records has just released an album that pays tribute to the music of Kingdom Hearts, and it’s available both physically and digitally.

Video Game LoFi: Kingdom Hearts features 10 chill tracks, and features artists such as vocalist Reven, Save Point and flutist Tabitha Louise, Besso0, Nila, Eleviisa and Aleyna. You can see the full track-listing below.

  1. Simple and Clean ft. Nila (from KINGDOM HEARTS)
  2. Dearly Beloved (from KINGDOM HEARTS)
  3. Face My Fears ft. Reven (from KINGDOM HEARTS III)
  4. Hollow Bastion (from KINGDOM HEARTS)
  5. Traverse Town (from KINGDOM HEARTS)
  6. Sora (from KINGDOM HEARTS)
  7. Passion ft. Eleviisa (from KINGDOM HEARTS II)
  8. Roxas ft. Tabitha Louise (from KINGDOM HEARTS II)
  9. The Silent Forest (from KINGDOM HEARTS)
  10. Don’t Think Twice ft. Aleyna (from KINGDOM HEARTS III)

You can stream the album in its entirety above, and also use the link to purchase a digital version. If you’d rather go the physical route, you can get a cassette or CD release for $15. Just as with the streaming version, those items can be purchased through this link.


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