Just a few hours ago, Nintendo revealed that Charles Martinet would no longer be providing the voice of Mario, or any of the other Mario characters he’s brought to life over the years. Ever since the announcement, fans have been trying to figure out why Charles is either stepping down or being removed from the position, and now we have a rather vague response on the matter.

If you’re hoping for an exact, detailed explanation as to why Martinet will no longer be voicing Mario, we don’t have that for you. What we do have is a statement from Nintendo that sheds the tiniest sliver of light onto the situation. (h/t Eurogamer)

According to Nintendo, “this decision was made after carefully considering a variety of factors.” That’s literally all Nintendo was willing to share on the matter, which is considerably frustrating. We know that Charles Martinet and Shigeru Miyamoto will be appearing in a video in the near future to discuss this matter, so hopefully we’ll get a better idea of the reasoning at that time.

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10M ago

I'd rather he be allowed to retire rather than have the performance we got from Alan Young for Ducktales remastered, his voice just wasn't the same.


10M ago

Felt like the movie was a good transition point, really. It's a damn shame, since I remember him saying he'd hope to do this for fifty years at one point, but he's been making indications for a while that he's having trouble keeping the voice up nowadays. Even then, unless he wanted to keep doing it right up to his death, this was probably the spot to hand it off.


10M ago

At least we know that there's no bad blood if Martinet and Miyamoto will appear in a future video.