Paperman: Adventure Delivered will be delivered simultaneously in all major territories. The digital version of Paperman: Adventure Delivered will be available on the 21st of September 2023 on Switch. The physical edition of the game will also be available for Switch on launch day.

In the 3D Platform game Paperman: Adventure Delivered, you’ll explore colorful world trying to retrieve the lost mail and defeat the greedy dragon. Play as each of the four unique mail carriers and swap characters to unlock their unique abilities. Paperman, our titular hero, throws letters as projectiles and can teleport short distances. Express is the fastest character and takes care of the most urgent deliveries. Scrolly glides smoothly through the air with his trusty feather and can reach the highest platforms. The final member of the team is Carl, the strongest box of the bunch, he delivers the heaviest parcels with great care!

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