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22 August 2023
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Flamebait Games is excited to announce that their cheeky art adventure Passpartout 2: The Lost Artist will be coming soon to the Nintendo Switch.

First released in April of 2023 on Steam (93% Very Positive user reviews), Passpartout 2: The Lost Artist is the sequel to the studio’s beloved debut game Passpartout: The Starving Artist, which was originally developed by a crew of university students and sold over one million units.

Step into the shoes of Passpartout, a once renowned artist whose glory was lost after a mysterious disappearance, and help him revive his art career. The town of Phénix is full of charming folks who can use an artist’s talents, so grab some art supplies and get ready to paint a masterpiece!

The game will have new ways to play on the Nintendo Switch, including using the touch screen to paint, with stylus compatibility. Switch players can also take advantage of the Joy-Con gyro feature to paint or stick with the tried and true original stick controls.

Embark on your struggling artist adventure. Draw and sell art to cheeky critics to reclaim your lost art career. Explore the endearing art-starved town of Phénix and show them you’re a true artist!


  • Easy point & click gameplay, for a chill time exploring and interacting with the world.
  • Literally drawing your own art, unlocking fancier tools along the way.
  • Selling your art on the street, or in your studio.
  • Doing commissions for the townsfolk of Phénix!
  • Easy point-and-click gameplay on the Nintendo Switch.
  • Use the Joy-Con Gyro as your brush to paint and play!
  • Paint on the touch-screen with your fingers or the Nintendo Switch Pen.
  • Or play and paint with the familiar stick controls!
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