SuperGroupies, a fashion brand offering products inspired by anime and games, is excited to introduce their new collaboration with Azur Lane. The 9-item lineup of watches, tote bags, and long wallets is inspired by IJN Noshiro, IJN Ayanami, and IJN Shimakaze, featuring intricate details modeled after their in-game outfits and equipment.

■ Noshiro Model Watch

This gracefully understated watch is inspired by IJN Noshiro. The classy motifs that shine around the dial are inspired by her clothing, and the unique asymmetrical design is based on her equipment. Don’t miss the 11 o’clock and 1 o’clock hour markers inspired by her horns!

■ Shimakaze Model Tote Bag

This spacious 2-way tote bag is inspired by IJN Shimakaze. The top is embossed with the Sakura Empire emblem while the bottom-left is embossed with an original design reflecting her weapons. The stitching inspired by the pink design on her bangs is on the handle attachment tabs.

■ Ayanami (Retrofit) Model Long Wallet

This long wallet is inspired by IJN Ayanami in her retrofit design. Boldly displayed at the top is a metal plate of her choker design, and there are two lines from the hem of her skirt. The symbol from her billowing sleeves is embossed on the front. The zipper pulls are modeled after her “ear” parts!

Azur Lane Collaboration Collection

■ Noshiro Model Watch / Tote Bag / Long Wallet

■ Shimakaze Model Watch / Tote Bag / Long Wallet

■ Ayanami (Retrofit) Model Watch / Tote Bag / Long Wallet

Pre-order Period :

Available from August 22 until September 10 at 8:00 PM, 2023 (Pacific Time)

Release Month :

  • Watches in early April 2024
  • Bags and Wallets in mid-March 2024

Price :

  • Watches available for $180 each before tax
  • Bags available for $200 each before tax
  • Wallets available for $140 each before tax

If you’d like to take a closer look at this collection, you can find a complete breakdown here.

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