Today, Merge Games & developer Alchemist Interactive are excited to confirm wizard school rogue-like ‘Spells & Secrets’ will be heading to Gamescom, dropping a studio commentary and Q&A ahead of the event. Following it’s hugely successful Kickstarter campaign, ‘Spells & Secrets’ achieved over 400% of its funding goal and more than 2,500 backers along with a growing community on social media looking for brand new wizarding worlds to inhabit.

Merge Games, Alchemist Interactive and Rokaplay will be heading to the show floor at Gamescom giving players a hands-on taste of ‘Spells & Secrets’ with the latest demo. For press wanting to see more of what’s to come on the project, get in touch to arrange an opportunity!

Florian Mann, CEO of Alchemist Interactive, the Düsseldorf based developer with a love of all things magic, speaks about the unique challenges and design choices involved with building ‘Spells & Secrets’. Exploring the growth of the game from early concept to where it is today, Mann breaks down everything from designing a deeply intractable sandbox experience to customisation, story, original soundtrack and more in the new interview.

In a recent Q&A, Mann expanded on the inspiration behind ‘Spells & Secrets’. “A school is an environment most people have made their own experiences in and therefore can relate with,” he commented.

“Furthermore, a magic school makes a great setting! You can throw your wildest ideas into it and with a little bit of tweaking nothing will feel odd or stand out in a negative way. This was really enjoyable during the development!”

In ‘Spells & Secrets’, you embark on your first day as a wizarding student at the magical Academy of Greifenstein. A mysterious incident sets strange releases wild creatures and an ever-changing chaos to reign over the school.

You must solve puzzles, find powerful artifacts and develop your powers to cleverly combine spells and rescue the school.

“Players will encounter their schoolmates and the teachers of the academy of Greifenstein,” Mann remarked, discussing creating an authentic magical school experience.

“They will be able to join different student factions, which will open up unique spells and progression.”

We asked what inspired the team to make ‘Spells & Secrets’ a roguelike and how much the world utilises procedural generation to build its environments.

“We are fans of the roguelike genre so there was always interest in creating something in this field. However, we wanted to give it our own flavour.”

“We generate from a set of carefully designed components like rooms, enemies and items, then arrange and combine them procedurally. Because we know that each of these components works well on its own, we then get interesting gameplay situations from the countless combinations that are created.”

Key Features

Combine numerous spells in creative ways as you battle magical creatures and solve puzzles

Create your student wizard from extensive customisation options and unlock more possibilities as you play

Play solo or with a friend in 2 player local co-op mode

Find powerful artifacts and useful potions to augment your skills and navigate tricky situations

Rescue your classmates from the ever-changing Academy of Greifenstein

Improve your character and spells permanently

Easy to learn for rogue-like newcomers

Creative approaches are rewarded right from the start, forge your own unique path! ‘Spells & Secrets’ is available to pre-order now at all good retailers, including Signature Edition Games for only £29.99 / $34.99 / €34.99 on Nintendo Switch.

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