Minecraft gets Disney Worlds of Adventure DLC

For Disney kids and adults everywhere

22 August 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Looks like somebody wished upon a blocky star because the magical world of Disney is returning to Minecraft! In this six-part adventure by Cyclone, we’ll hunt down gem shards hidden in the iconic stories of Disney’s Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, Snow White, Alice in Wonderland, and Beauty & the Beast. Each world has its own quests and mysteries for you to explore so put on the free Character Creator item: the Platinum Crown and let’s go!

Nostalgia will wash over you as you roam, soar, or dive through oh-so-familiar locations, team up with some of your favorite Disney characters, and discover new twists, mobs, and puzzles to solve.


Let’s begin in the bustling city of Agrabah with its majestic views and many mysteries. Aladdin and Genie have gone missing and it’s on you and Jasmine to find them. Climb aboard the Magic Carpet and zoom through the narrow alleyways, lively markets, and dark corners of the Arabian night. Just watch out for the shopkeepers in case you happen to “borrow” something again… ahem


Under the sea biome awaits not only our next adventure but a little mermaid ready to take you on a treasure hunt across the vibrant coral reef with its colorful inhabitants and otherworldly sights. No Potion of Water Breathing is needed! Explore shipwrecks and underwater caverns for lost secrets and valuable thingamabobs. A ship has also been spotted amongst the waves carrying a particularly valuable royal cargo. If you dare brave the reprimands from Sebastian and Flounder, swim up to the surface and see if you can make use of those curious things we call feet!


Next up, I hope you’re ready to laugh in the face of danger because Nala and Simba are about to take you on an unforgettable journey from the majestic Pride Rock to a new jungle biome. Rumor has it there are all kinds of exotic mobs and slimy, yet satisfying, grub hiding in there. Perhaps even a warthog and meerkat duo? I guess you’ll have to find out! If you can convince Zazu to let you out of his sight that is. Not to mention Mufasa… But what they don’t know also won’t exactly hurt them. Hakuna matata, right?


It’s your turn to topple into the curious reality that is Wonderland. Things down here are… odd and at times incredibly confusing. Almost like a maze? You must find Alice so she can help you make sense of it. Luckily you have the White Rabbit, the Doorknob, and Cheshire Cat to guide you through it. Sort of. You just have to decipher their clues first. Explore the labyrinth and your imagination to find new ways out. But be careful to not to cross the Queen of Hearts or her soldiers will be in pursuit.


After all that peril you deserve a moment of peace. Forget all about hostile mobs and evil stepmoms and retreat deep into the serene forest biome of Snow White. Explore the blissful meadow with all its critters as you join Snow White and her seven friends in a flower-picking game. Time is of the essence here, so better get to work!


For our final adventure, it seems your pickaxe has been replaced with a pitchfork! Gaston and the other villagers have tasked you with scouting the castle occupied by the mighty Beast before they charge. Considering your track record of zombie fights and creeper encounters this should be a blocky piece of cake. Only as you approach, there seems to be more than a hostile monster hiding behind these walls. Is that candle stick… talking? And look at that tiny little teacup cooking! After all this adventure, your hunger bar is looking low so join Lumiere, Cogsworth, and the rest as they help Belle prepare a magical feast!

Disney Worlds of Adventure is out now! Hours of nostalgia and magical adventures await you so head to Minecraft Marketplace to nab the platinum crown for free and begin your own Disney story now.

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