Yesterday brought us the news that Charles Martinet was stepping down from his voice duties at Nintendo, meaning Mario and many other Mushroom Kingdom characters will be getting new voice actors. It’s a bit of news that still has Nintendo fandom reeling, but at least we’ll all have one more chance to enjoy Charles’ work in the future.

While Martinet won’t be voicing characters in Super Mario Bros. Wonder or WarioWare: Move It!, it’s been confirmed that we’ll hear him once again in the Switch version of Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon. This isn’t too much of a surprise, considering Charles voiced Luigi in the original 3DS release for this title.

As far as we know, the Switch version of Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon is going to include the exact same audio from the 3DS game, so don’t expect to hear any re-recorded lines from Charles Martinet. If anything, the audio might be higher quality this time around, giving us a chance to enjoy Charles’ work a little bit more.


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10M ago

Was there any doubt? We'll hear him in every rerelease of old games until the end of time.