Ahead of the Tokyo Game Show, Level-5 has let loose with new details on Inazuma Eleven: Victory Road, the long-in-development next installment of the Inazuma Eleven franchise. This information comes via a new blog post, and it kicks things off with some fresh details on 4 gameplay mechanics.

Focus – Maneuvers in the midfield will no longer be a simple multiple-selection process. The decision-making will now involve actions with player skills, data strengths, and luck as additional factors.

Zone – Activities in front of the goal are no longer limited to choosing which shot the character should use. They can now also opt to give a pass to another teammate.

Scramble – When trying to gain control of an airborne ball, the game will now show markers for the player to press at the right time for decisions like keeping the ball or heading it toward another teammate.

Tension Gauge – The gauge will now apply to the whole team instead of individual characters. Focus will fill up the gauge, while using techniques will consume it.

Along with that, Level-5 also shared details on how the Football Frontier tournament in Victory Road mode will work.

  • this will run regularly once a season every 2 or 3 months
  • gather points by doing preliminary online matches during the period
  • the organizer will then invite top-ranked participants to join the finals tournament at a specified time
  • each team can field up to five Eternal Players
  • existing Seasonal Players will occupy the remaining slots
  • Seasonal Players will randomly appear and become valid for three seasonal years as they grow up
  • after this, Seasonal Players will graduate and become Eternal Players
  • characters like Yuto Kido and Shirou Fubuki may spawn as rare Seasonal Players

Last but not least, Level-5 also shared some artwork for the new characters Heita Kisoji, Raika Shinohara, Kameo Kodoukai, and a mysterious blonde boy who’s related to a series character. Just who that character is will be revealed at a later date.

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