For one second, let’s pretend there’s someone who hasn’t played, or even heard of Skyrim before. For anyone who falls into that category, allow me to explain a very tiny bit of the game’s lore in order to make sense of this post.

In Skyrim, there are 10 different Dragon Priest masks that you can collect. These are unique pieces of headgear that can be obtained after defeating each of the 9 dragon priests found in the game (one mask is given to you so that you can access the dragon priest shrine). These masks are designed/named after a master, and they grant unique abilities.

Redditor t_sekuloski is clearly a big fan of Skyrim, and the Dragon Priest masks in particular. That’s why he’s created 4 real-life versions of these Dragon Priest masks, each one carved from wood and then stained. Even better, these masks are actually wearable! They won’t grant you any powers, but they’ll make you feel like a bad-ass!

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