gamescom 2023 is officially kicking off today, and Nintendo and Niantic are celebrating with a special distribution for Pikmin Bloom.

If you’re a Pikmin Bloom player, you’ll definitely want to make sure you’re snooping around in the app if you’re visiting gamescom 2023. Those at the show who stop by Nintendo’s booth will be able to snag some exclusive Decor Pikmin that have never been available anywhere else!

As shown in the image above, Pikmin Bloom players will have a chance to get some gamescom 2023 Decor Pikmin just by visiting Nintendo’s booth on the show floor. There are 3 different varieties up for grabs, and these won’t be available to collect at any other place or time. If you want Pikmin Bloom bragging rights, these gamescom 2023 Decor Pikmin are it!

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