Looking for the perfect card to give your mom on Mother’s Day? Well, if she has an affinity for Square Enix properties, the perfect option just popped up!

Square Enix has released special Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy-themed Mother’s Day cards, and they’re completely free! All you need is access to a printer to get one, or both of these cards for yourself.

All you have to do is visit Square Enix’s official Japanese page for the promotion, and then click the button below the card you want. This will let you download the corresponding card for printing.

On a personal note, my Mom doesn’t have any interest in RPGs at all. We were actually talking about that topic yesterday, and I explained that I was the same way for over 25 years, but things finally clicked for me. She wasn’t sure that would happen for her, but I think I know the perfect way to kick things off. Looks like I know one mom getting these cards for Mother’s Day!

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