Leading gaming peripherals brand, PDP, is proud to announce its collaboration with multiple IP partners including, Sega of America, Inc., Hasbro® and Nintendo®, for a range of novel accessories for the Switch.

REALMz™ is a new product line allowing gamers to immerse in the worlds of their favorite games, with each translucent case featuring an iconic character figurine in its multi-layered design. The REALMz controller and headset line is the perfect crossover, blending the line between gaming and collectability. REALMz is the latest release in PDP’s long history of figurines in the gaming space, including previous partnerships to design and manufacture the Disney Infinity figurines.

The REALMz controllers and headset are available for pre-order on Friday, August 25 on pdp.com or online at participating retailers. It will also be sold in a wide range of retailers across the EU this autumn. The line includes the REALMz Wired Controller for Nintendo Switch ($39.99), REALMz Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch ($59.99), and REALMz Wired Headset for Nintendo Switch ($39.99)

Discover the realm of possibilities from your favorite game universe with the REALMz product line, with each controller grip and headset containing a prominent gaming figurine inside. Uncover the world within as the controller’s unique, multi-layer design showcases classic scenes from each title. Go one step further and create additional dimensions to the story with the LED lighting effects in the controllers.


  • Uniquely stunning controller aesthetics.
  • Controllers available in both wired and wireless, to match preferred play styles.
  • LED lighting effects to level up the look of the controller.
  • Expertly crafted collectible figurines suspended inside the controller grips and headset earcups.

The Sonic the Hedgehog line of REALMz accessories is the first of many upcoming partnerships. Be on the lookout for designs featuring Transformers’ Optimus Prime, just in time for EarthSpark Expedition launching October 13th, as well as the beloved characters from Nintendo’s Pikmin™ franchise, coming this winter.

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10M ago

I typically hate "clear" electronics, but they're really doing some interesting stuff with layers here. I kind of like that Pikmin controller.