Wild Country is a cozy competitive card game where everything clicks into place, and it’s been confirmed for Switch release sometime in the future.

Mayor Bearclaw, the mayor of Sun City, is retiring and looking for his successor. Embark on a memorable adventure to Big Sky Canyon and compete against rival animals to show who’s the most tactical, sneaky, and strategic.

Do you have what it takes to win?

Compete against rival competitors in a battle to build the best city. Watch out for earthquakes, snowstorms, and rebellious raccoons. Unpredictable events test your resolve or turn the tide of battle.

Whether new to card games or a seasoned fan, Wild Country offers endless fun, strategic gameplay, and unpredictable mischief.

There is always something new to collect, learn, and master. There’s a deck for every personality and playstyle, and it’s up to you to find the cards for your winning strategy.

Select and customize from a wild cast of characters, each with their own cheeky personalities.

Between matches, explore Big Sky Canyon, an idyllic region scattered with a colorful cast of characters. Some think you’re cool, some are determined to beat you, and others might be from the future.

Collect cards, discover mysteries, and battle other competitors in the single-player campaign… Or just enjoy the view.

Take your cards online and compete in both casual and ranked matches!

Regular updates containing new cards, challenges, quests, and events grow your collection, keep you on your toes, and keep your claws sharp.

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