Earlier this week, Nintendo revealed that Charles Martinet will be stepping down from his voice acting duties at Nintendo. That means Mario, Luigi and all of Martinet’s characters will be voiced by someone else. Just who is that someone else, you ask? We don’t know quite yet, but another big-name voice actor is throwing his hat into the ring.

Voice actor Ben Starr is riding a wave of success right now, as he lent his talents to Clive, the main character in Final Fantasy XVI. What role does Starr want to take on next? According to his X account, he’s gunning for Mario.

You can see Starr’s take on Mario in the video above, and it’s going in a very different direction from Charles Martinet. It’s a more gritty, realistic approach to the mustachioed plumber, and it’s 100% tongue-in-cheek. It also has a lot more cursing from Mario than you’d expect, but cheers to Starr for putting his own spin on things!


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