Ultra Pro Wrestling Gameplay Reveal Trailer Coming August 26th

Can you smell what Hyperfocus Games is cooking?!?

23 August 2023
by the8bitlego 1

Following Ultra Pro Wrestling’s Kickstarter in May, fans have been wondering when they can get a look at some real, in-the-ring gameplay. Well, there are only a few more days to wait, as the gameplay reveal trailer is coming in just a few days on August 26th at 5pm UK time! This presentation will feature a first look at the upgraded Ultra Pro System gameplay, character models, creation tools, and some “incredible surprises”!

Check out more details on Ultra Pro Wrestling here on the official site.

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9M ago

Yes, I can smell it; it smells delicious!

These guys know exactly what they're doing, and they are doing it the right way by literally using the same animations from the legendary AKI games.

I truly hope this game becomes successful, because it could lead to better graphics in the future, and all that other good stuff. Lol, maybe even a contract with AEW Games or 2K for WWE....