King of the Hat heads to Switch today

A tip of the hat to the devs

24 August 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

You’d be forgiven for thinking King of the Hat already launched on Switch. The game was originally announced for Switch all the way back in 2018, and at that time we heard an early 2019 release was in the cards. 4+ years later and the end is finally here, as King of the Hat is launching on Switch today.

King of the Hat is a 2D party platformer where you fight with a hat! Throw your hat to attack, defend and bait opponents. But watch out! If someone jumps on your hat… you die! In King of the Hat, your hat contains your soul. Crush your opponent’s hats (and souls) to assert your dominance over them. When you throw your hat, it goes on fire and becomes invulnerable. You can use it to beat the devil out of other players or to defend against your opponents’ flaming hats.

Hats symbolize life, and require their destruction to establish supremacy, once ignited these hats become invulnerable, enhancing strategic gameplay. The game fosters intense competition between two players via customization, power-ups, and hazards.

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