Falcom has shared their next big wave of information on Ys X: Nordics. Today’s info-drop brings us details on Adol and Karja’s unique skills, the Mana Action “Mana Sense,” and Raven Stones. This info also comes with a wealth of screens that you can sift through here. For a complete rundown of all the details, read on below. (h/t Gematsu)

■ Skills Exclusive to Adol and Karja

In Ys X: Nordics, you will be able to unleash many attack skills by using SP, or Skill Points. There are specific individual skills for Adol and Karja during Solo Mode, as well as skills that have the two work together during Combination Mode (Combination Mode skills will deplete both Adol and Karja’s SP).

▼Solo Mode: Adol-Specific Skills

“Raid Slash” – Power: 110

  • Attack skill that cuts down enemies in front while moving swiftly.
  • Although lacking in power, startup is quick and easy to combo when paired with normal attacks.

“Pentagram” – Power: 495

  • Adol’s signature move, which is an upgraded skill to the Raid Slash.
  • Adol cuts a shape of a star with himself in the center, and exterminates any enemy that touches its path.
  • Boasts a very high attack power as a Solo Mode skill, and even grants invincibility while performing the attack.

“Mana Shoot” – Power: 55

  • Adol shoots a wave of Mana from the tip of his sword at enemies from a distance.
  • Its power and break damage is low, but the SP is low as well, making it ideal when fending off approaching enemies.

“Carmine Blast” – Power: 270

  • Adol’s signature move, and the upgraded skill to the Mana Shoot.
  • Using up all Mana, Adol fires a superdense heat ray for a certain amount of time.
  • Direction of the heat ray can be moved, and enemies will also suffer burn damage after being hit by the ray.

▼ Solo Mode: Karja-Specific Skills

“Shield Bash” – Power: 145

  • Using her round shield, Karja rams into enemies in front of her.
  • Although you will not be able to control her during this attack, this skill will allow her to guard against enemy attacks through perfect shield.

“Skulled Strike” – Power: 530

  • Highly-powered attack, upgraded from the Shield Bash skill.
  • A Norman-taught combination attack involving a shield, axe, and a strong kick.
  • Aside from having perfect shield, enemies will be flown away with a frostbite effect.

“Flip Axe” – Power: 85

  • A simple attack skill where Karja uses an axe to swing up on her enemies
  • Power is low, but the attack flings the enemies into the air, making them vulnerable

“Lost Cocytus” – Power: 285

  • Karja’s signature move, upgraded from the Flip Axe skill.
  • Creates an ice prison through the power of freezing Mana.
  • During the attack, enemies will be pulled into the ice prison, then flung up with a frostbite effect.

★★Raise attack skill power by increasing proficiency, and learn upgraded skills★★

By using the same skill over and over again, the proficiency will increase. Reaching max levels will raise the power level. Some skills, when reaching certain statistics, will let you upgrade skills with more powerful attacks and effects.

▼ Combination Mode-Specific Skills

“Double Smasher” – Power: 310

  • Jumping up, and then smashing down with authority at enemies underneath
  • High break damage, which can down many enemies with one hit

“Adamus Saber” – Power: 170

  • This attack skill is a two-in-one, blocking enemy attacks while immediately striking back with a counter.
  • It’s attack power is quite low for a Combination Mode skill, but Adol and Karja are invincible while this skill is activated.

“Blaze Cross” – Power: 380

  • Adol and Karja runs and crosses paths, slashing a V-shaped pattern.
  • Aside from instantly closing the distance to an enemy, it knocks them back from the impact of the slash.

“Xena Striker” – Power: 325

  • An attack skill that deals damage to surrounding enemies by throwing your partner bound by the shackles of Mana.
  • In addition to knocking back enemies, burn Adol or frostbite Karja effects will be added on depending on who does the throwing.

★★Proficiency and revenge gauge will increase the power of Combination Mode skills★★

During battle in Combination Mode, guarding the enemy’s attack will fill up your “Revenge Gauge.” When you activate skills when the gauge is full, their strength will be multiplied by the number shown on the gauge.

Because the base strength is raised when proficiency rises, activating a Combination Mode skill with max proficiency when the Revenge Gauge is also at max will let you activate a skill with a power level that goes above and beyond what you are able to use in Solo Mode.

■ Mana Action: “Mana Sense”

Adol or Karja can trigger a special action called “Mana Sense” when obtaining an Antique, called the “Druid Monocle.”

▼ Mana Sense

A Mana Action that, through the Druid Monocle, allows you to see things that are normally invisible to the eye. You will be able to see nearby enemies and various gimmicks, as well as find items buried underground. Furthermore, by enhancing the Druid Monocle, the Mana Sense will be sharpened, and you will be able to slow down time for an hour.

You’ll be able to get through doors and get across shaky terrain that would be impossible at normal speed.

■ Raven Stones

By examining the Raven Stone that is placed in dungeons, you can temporarily remove the Mana Shackles that bind Adol and Karja together (normally, Adol and Karja always act together). While unbound, you will control either Adol or Karja alone around the area of the stone. At times, it will be necessary to control both characters far away, switching between the two to clear the area.

★★While alone, there will be no support from your partner. Beware of Power Attacks!★★

Unlike Solo Mode, there will be no AI support when you are controlling one character alone. Since you also cannot switch to Combination Mode, you must be careful of enemy Power Attacks. They can only be guarded by Combination Shields.

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