The Plucky Squire is an upcoming 2D/3D adventure that looks to blend all sorts of gameplay genres and mechanics. It also has an incredibly unique style, but it turns out those visuals stem from a number of other sources.

In an interview with the Unreal Engine blog, developer James Turner opened up about the books, movies, cartoons and more that helped the team settle on the look you see in The Plucky Squire.

When translating this style to the pages of the book I had in mind kids’ story books that feature simple, colorful illustrations, such as the Mr. Men series, Meg and Mog, or Miffy.

The room outside of the book is a realistic environment, and so we looked at lots of photographic references to hone the kind of look that we were after. Another influence was the inviting feel of classic Pixar movies such as Toy Story.

For the various illustrations that Jot can jump into, we’ve taken inspiration from a number of sources, from Saturday morning sci-fi cartoons, to kid’s drawings, to richly drawn fantasy art.

[James Turner, developer]

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