Official Cuphead-themed hot sauce now available

This match will get red hot!

22 April 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Here’s a collaboration I don’t think anyone saw coming. The minds behind Cuphead, as well as The Cuphead Show have teamed with Jade City Foods to come up with 6 different Cuphead-themed hot sauces, and they’re all available right now. The lineup, which is $16 to $18 a pop, consists of the following flavors.

  • Cuphead’s Double Down: Strawberry Habanero Sauce
  • Mugman’s Quit While You’re Ahead: Blue Raspberry Habanero Sauce
  • Ms. Chalice’s Nothin’ But Trouble: Blueberry Habanero Sauce
  • The Devil’s Soul Collector: Carolina Reaper, Trinidad Maruga Scorpion, and Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce
  • King Dice’s Roll The Dice: Charcoal Habanero Sauce
  • Elder Kettle’s Cozy Cottage: Smoked Jalapeno Sauce

You can buy all six sauces in a package for $90, or each sauce individually here.

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