Omega Strikers has been updated to Ver. 3.0, which introduces Season 2. This season brings with it a CRAZY new striker, two crazy new maps, a new Striker Pass, new skins, and of course, a visual novel! You can see the full patch notes for the Season 2 update below.


Yeah, you read that correctly. There’s an ENTIRE VISUAL NOVEL now in Omega Strikers for Summer Splash.

Head to the beach with Asher, Juno, Estelle, X, Juliette, or Dubu! Progress through the event, hang out with your new friends, get to know them better, and unlock new stuff in game! There’s even missions for you to complete, some of which will even grant you fresh new titles and emotes!


[NEW] Inky’s Splash Zone

We have a brand new map that’s incredibly interactive and breaks the boundaries of our previous designs! It’s always summer at Inky’s Splash Zone, always wild, and everyone is always prone to getting SOAKED. When you take down a barrier on this map, the corner without the barrier turns into a KO zone and gives your team access to a water blaster that’ll knock enemies into the deep end.


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