Study finds that Pokémon Go may help with depression

Not a substitute for therapy, but may help when feeling down

22 April 2022
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A recent study from the London School of Economics looked into how games that promote social activity like Pokémon Go affect feelings of depression. The study utilizes search trends data from Google, and compared areas where Pokémon Go had and had not launched in 2016. The study found that searches for terms like “depression” and “anxiety” were lower in areas when the game had launched, especially during the games early time in the spotlight when it seemed everyone was playing it.

Just to be clear. The study is NOT suggesting that the game or simply going outside will cure all depression. Rather that the game encourages activities’ that alleviate depressive symptoms. The best way to deal with depression or any other mental health problems is to seek professional assistance but games like Pokémon Go can help make things a bit easier.

With the uncertainty we are facing every day, mental health plays a vital role in our personal and professional life. Location-based mobile games like Pokémon Go can help alleviate depression, as they facilitate face-to-face socialisation, outdoor physical activity and exposure to nature, all of which are essential to mental health.

[Dr. Aaron Cheng]

Has Pokémon Go (or any game for that matter) helped you through a depressive state? No matter what the answer is, we wish you all the best and hope you live as happy of a life as possible, because you deserve it.

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