Pokémon Co. recently announced changes to the 2024 Pokémon Championship Series, including the addition of Pokémon GO to the Championship Points qualification system and adjustments to the World Championships qualification system. This time around, they’re sharing additional details about the long-awaited increase to prize-pool numbers at premier events, CP bars for the 2024 Pokémon GO Championship Series, and info on the upcoming International

Prize Pool Adjustment

Prizes for top finishes at events are going up in 2024! Player attendance for the Pokémon TCG and Pokémon VGC has ballooned across the board at Regional Championships and International Championships since we last assessed prize pools. To reflect current attendance numbers, Pokémon Co. are implementing a major prize-pool increase for Regional, International, and World Championships. Attendance will no longer affect prize money, so players will know exactly how much prize money is on the line before they know how many other players there are in the tournament.

These changes are most prominent in the Masters Division for Pokémon TCG and VGC competitions—where the increase in player participation is most pronounced—while Juniors, Seniors, and Pokémon GO players will earn equivalent or higher prizing than they received last season at their expected attendance tiers.

Key highlights include:

The International Championships prize pool is now over half a million dollars across TCG, VGC, and Pokémon GO.

The Worlds prize pool is now over 2 million dollars across TCG, VGC, Pokémon GO, and Pokémon UNITE.

Pokémon GO Championship Points Bars Revealed

Players in the Pokémon GO Championship Series all compete together regardless of age, so the CP bars for World Championship qualification only differ by region. See below for a table of the World Championship qualification CP bars for each region.

  • US & Canada - 500
  • Europe - 400
  • Latin America - 300
  • Oceania - 300
  • MESA - 200

2024 International Championships Dates

Save the dates! International Championships in Latin America, Europe, and North America are now locked in for the 2024 Pokémon Championship Series. Look forward to the Latin America International Championships in São Paulo, Brazil; the Europe International Championships in London, United Kingdom; and the North America International Championships in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States.


The International Championships were introduced in the 2017 season and were designed around the sizes of our four major rating zones at the time: Europe, Latin America, North America, and Oceania. Following the restructuring of the Oceania rating zone in 2020, that region was split into two smaller rating zones: Asia-Pacific and the newly defined Oceania rating zone. Since then, Pokémon Co. have been assessing how we can best serve our global player base, and they have made the difficult decision to remove the Oceania International Championships from our circuit.

Pokémon Co. will continue to support this rating zone with Regional Championships (stay tuned for details), and players from this rating zone are still eligible to earn travel support to other International Championships and Worlds.

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