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29 August 2023
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Today, the Season of Celebration has started in SMITE! This major Update launches the Odyssey, the main Year 10 event, and brings a new splendid Conquest Map.

Odyssey: Immortal Revelry

Starting today, all Gods unite in celebrating SMITE Year 10 with this year’s Odyssey: Immortal Revelry and you are all invited to the divine party! The SMITE Odyssey is a months-long yearly event featuring many high-quality God skins at great value.

Starting today, 3 new skins are available in the brand new Odyssey: Immortal Revelry. What’s more, with the Buy All option players can preorder all event items and instantly unlock the collection reward ahead of time: Dragonshifter Medusa, the Unlimited ‘Tier 5’ skin for the Greek Gorgon. With her 3 different forms, each showcasing a unique character model and FX, Dragonshifter Medusa is the guest of honor at the festivities!

For the first time, the Odyssey: Immortal Revelry also presents the opportunity to pick up fan-favorites from the past: Exclusive skins from previous Odysseys—a fitting feature for the game’s 10th anniversary! Similarly, you get to pick your ultimate reward. You can unlock either Dragonshifter Medusa or one of the iconic collection reward skins from Odysseys of previous years.

Season of Celebration Conquest Map

Today, the Battleground of the Gods makes its way back towards light and life. As the dark dominion of the Season of Souls finds its end, spirits everywhere are lifted and the Season of Celebration begins!

Conquest, SMITE’s most competitive mode, is now ascending from the Underworld leaving it behind and below where it belongs. On the Season of Celebration Conquest Map, nature regrows and fall colors bloom all around while a giant encompassing willow tree graces the base on one side. Tribal masks and mysterious jars are scattered through the Jungle.

Alongside this visual theme, many unique gameplay features have been introduced. First, Shamans have been spotted setting camp in the Jungle. Defeat them to gain access to their Spirit Totems that provide up to five different ways to spice up Jungle buffs for the entire match. Praised by the community, the clash of the Unleashed Titans continues on the Season of Celebration Conquest Map and becomes unrelenting. Now if the battle goes on long enough, both Titans step out of base and fight – for a second time!

The Fire Giant has taken advantage of the general commotion to establish a more open lair. As inviting as it may be, it is also more prone to ambushes.

Finally, Recipes are a brand new item type and a light-hearted way of adding depth to item builds. All players can select a Recipe for free, such as the Bountiful Bao or the Sturdy Stew. As they follow the specific Recipe steps, they will eventually cook their way up to the coveted Dish and enjoy delectable bonuses.

Celebration Event

It’s simple: play one match, claim your reward. Once every day and all for free! From today up until September 11, the Celebration Event adds yet another beat to the party with a shower of gifts for the game’s community. Players get to unlock Jump Stamps, Global Emotes, and even the new Ebon Knight Lancelot skin, granted as a bonus after 6 daily rewards.

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