The legendary Alien franchise is now available in Dead by Daylight, pushing the boundaries of sci-fi horror to the depths of space. Starting today, players can stalk Survivors as the Xenomorph or survive as Ellen Ripley, the ultimate hero. Players will also get to explore a reinterpretation of the iconic ship from Ridley Scott’s classic film in the new Map: Nostromo Wreckage.

The Nostromo Wreckage is The Entity’s twisted recreation of the interstellar cargo ship from Ripley’s memories - a grim and hopeless place where its labyrinthine decks become a deathly nightmare.

The Nostromo Wreckage also introduces a new exclusive feature: Steam Pipes. Whoever runs past a Steam Pipe will activate a short jet of steam. The steam can hit either Killer or Survivor, slowing them down for a few seconds. Survivors can interact with the Steam Pipe Panels to reset the pipe, allowing it to be used again.

An icon of horror and science fiction, the Xenomorph is one of the most recognizable characters in popular culture. The Xenomorph adds to the meta with its exclusive Map Feature: Control Stations.

Control Stations will appear on any Map when facing the Xenomorph. Several Control Stations are available during a Trial. Both the Xenomorph and Survivors can engage with them in different ways:

Survivors must interact with Control Stations to generate a Special Item: a Remote Flame Turret, available only when facing the Xenomorph. These cylindrical weapons need to be picked up and placed strategically. Once the Xenomorph is within its proximity, the Turret will emit a sound, warning Survivors of its imminent flame deployment. The flame disables the Xenomorph’s Power, Crawler Mode, considerably reducing its stealth. If employed for a prolonged period of time, a Turret can overheat and must be repaired by Survivors. The Xenomorph can also disable or destroy a Turret by hitting it once.

Control Stations are the gateway to a complex system of underground tunnels that can only be accessed by the Xenomorph. This System allows the Xenomorph to navigate between Control Stations across any Map in a matter of seconds. Inside the Tunnels, the Xenomorph can see Survivor footsteps above, in the form of ripple-like fluorescent impact points and hear the Generator repair sounds. When coming out of a Control Station, it can also detect any nearby Survivors – allowing it to navigate the Map with deadly efficacy.

Ellen Ripley, warrant officer of the Nostromo, is capable and pragmatic. An iconic hero, she joins The Fog as a strong and level-headed Survivor.

Apex Fashion

With such an incredible Chapter launch, both the Xenomorph and Ellen Ripley will receive a slew of exciting Outfits reminiscent of the most iconic moments in the franchise’s history. The Xenomorph will receive the Xenomorph Queen Outfit (Legendary), which brings to life the Mother and Hive Leader – the highest of lifeforms; the Grid Xenomorph Outfit (Rare), which makes it a fierce opponent, scarred from combat, as well as the Xenomorph Clone Outfit (Very Rare), the wretched results of multiple genetic experiments. On the other hand, Ellen Ripley will receive the Back in Action Outfit (Very Rare), which evokes waking up to a new nightmare after nearly 60 years in stasis, as well as the Ripley 8 Outfit (Very Rare), showcasing a clone of the original Ellen Ripley, combined with Xenomorph DNA.

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