Tales of Symphonia plush dolls announced

Oh, the tales you can tell with these plushes

29 August 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Did you know that Tales of Symphonia is 20 years old? Time certainly flies, but fans of this installment haven’t forgotten the game 2 decades later. It also helps that a remaster just arrived on modern platforms, Switch included!

In honor of the 20th anniversary, a new series of Tales of Symphonia plush dolls are in the works. This line of F:NEX plushes are coming from Furyu, and it includes Lloyd, Colette, Genis, Presea, Zelos, Kratos, Mithos, and Noishe. These plushes go a step beyond as well, as they’re posable!

Most of this plush line is priced at 7,260 yen (~$50), but Mithos is higher at 7,920 yen (~$54), while Noishe comes in lower at 3,850 yen (~$26). This series of plushes will launch in Japan sometime in Feb. 2024.

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